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Punch! Software Announces the Release of Home and Landscape Design Studio for Mac at MacWorld '09

Kansas City, Mo (PRWEB) January 7, 2009

Punch! Software has released the next generation of home design software with the Punch! Home and Landscape Design Studio for Mac. The focus of this completely new package was to build the easiest product possible for an end user, while maintaining and expanding the rich feature set for which Punch! is known.

Home and Landscape Design Studio is a completely new product from Punch! Software sporting new features such as a QuickStart system to allow a user to build a home quickly, "Going Green" services which offer a wealth of information to help you build more energy efficient with just the click of a button, and a completely new and updated object library for more realistic 3D modeling. The software is built to help users save time and most importantly, money.

One of the best features of Punch! software has been the ability to build a 2D plan and review it in 3D instantly. Home and Landscape Design Studio takes this ability to the next level and makes it easier to use than ever before. Simply open the software and begin dragging whole rooms into place. Resize all rooms appropriately and complete the process. Users can instantly see their design in 3D and walk around or fly through their model. Check out the video on the Punch! Software website showing how to build a home in 59 seconds.

While QuickStart gets you designing and building a dream home in minimal time, the list of new features in this software will allow users to customize every detail:

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